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Stories Of Later

by Selon Recliner

2nd SINGLE Sun and Moon OUT NOW 

The 2nd single is about to bring to shore "Stories Of Later". A collection of salty tales, lost love, mother nature & greed.

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The Orchid Door

by Selon Recliner

Building on the low-lit interior sounds of their debut album REST ROOM, Selon Recliner produces album 2, THE ORCHID DOOR. A steeper landscape explored, as the band steps out of the REST ROOM & wanders the exteriors of their imaginations. 

Selon Recliner Rest Room Cover.jpg

Rest Room

by Selon Recliner

Closeted in a roof space during the night hours of an Auckland winter Selon Recliner stuck their hand into a carpet bag full of recording programs & borrowed gear to produce their Debut Album REST ROOM.

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