selon cinema - come get lost with us

The First Single from the forthcoming EP "Stories Of Later, due for release June 2017.

Filmed on location in Auckland, New Zealand. An overgrown tennis court plays out the disintegration & memory of two young lovers.

Cast: Brya Pilbrow & Toby Hunt

Cinematography & Direction - Belinda Bradley, 1st AD - Perry Bradley, Hair + Makeup - Kate Smith, Styling - Mckenzie Bradley, Unit - Selon Recliner


The SR Collective rehearsing STORIES OF LATER due for release June 2017.


2nd single from THE ORCHID DOOR, shot on the dramatic Rural West Coast of Auckland New Zealand. An ancient tree plays time keeper to people & mysteries that occur beneath its canopy. Director - Perry Bradley . Cinematographer - Renaud Maire . Producer - Susan Parker. Much appreciation goes to a very talented crew of NZ film makers.



The first Single to fly from Selon Recliner's 2nd album THE ORCHID DOOR. Entering Illustrator Russell Chambers futuristic world of generous curves, slug aliens, boo hoo’s & retro flying machines ... the band have chummed up with Varla & her space pals for a tightly corseted space romp in the “Lonely Girl” video. Director - Perry Bradley . Cinematographer - Renaud Maire . Animation - Russell Chambers .



2nd single form the debut album REST ROOM, an eerie tale of argument & desire, beautifully filmed on location in an abandoned mansion in Auckland New Zealand. Director - Perry Bradley . Cinematographer - Renaud Maire . Art Direction - Bruce Everard .



First Single from Selon Recliner's Debut Album REST ROOM. Director - Perry Bradley . Cinematographer - Aaron Morton . Art Direction - Robert Key . Hair & Makeup - Verity Griffiths.